Master Thuong Tam Thanh (Nguyen Thanh Tam), Trustee Cao Dai church Tay Ninh “Operation”

On the occasion of the Cao Dai Toa Thanh Tay Ninh Congress  was successfully organized in the Tay Ninh Toa Thanh.

The mysterious Ba Den mountain festival in Tay Ninh

Nui Ba Den in Tay Ninh has long been a popular tourist destination with many visitors in the South. Not only famous as a mountain, beautiful, full of challenges waiting for travelers to explore,

Tay Ninh – Need developing for village tourism

Besides building models, quality, tourism development is considered an effective solution to exploit the strength of the traditional craft villages in Vietnam.

Traditional craft village in Tay Ninh

If you are a tourist who loves exploring cultural tours, life, traditions, villages … then you should visit a traditional village of conical hat in Tay Ninh.



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